Chuckie F. Mahoney Memorial Foundation


The Foundation has been very busy during this time of crisis. We have made several donations to organizations that needed help to continue programs that benefit mental health:

  • Donated over $25,000 to local food banks, mental health organizations and supported mental health initiatives in the Western PA and I.U. Region.
  • $5,300.00 went to our local NAMISW to keep an employment program for those with mental illness.
  • $5,000.00 went to Washington Hospital Teen Outreach Program to help support their virtual peer support line for teens struggling with issues. This is under the direction of Dr. Mary Jo Podgurski.
  • $500.00 was given to the Burgettstown Area Food Bank.
  • 10 grants will be given to school districts that applied for the $1500 grant to be used for suicide prevention training or mental health educational items. Those will be chosen after May 1 as well as our 2020 Scholarship Recipients.

The Chuckie F. Mahoney Memorial Foundation was established in 2002 in honor of Chuckie F. Mahoney IV, who died from suicide in February 2002. Each year the golf classic is held to keep the memory of Chuckie alive. All proceeds from the outing benefit high school scholar athletes who perform beyond expectations on the field and in the classroom. Furthermore, the foundation now provides resources, training and information on depression and suicide prevention for parents, educators or professionals working with teens and young adults. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Please take the time to read on and learn more about Chuckie, the foundation and the golf outing, all set up to pass on the legacy Chuckie left behind.

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