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The Chuckie F. Mahoney Memorial Foundation have donated to and/or worked with:

Local Support Groups for Survivors of Suicide Loss (Western Pennsylvania)
Talk to Someone Now – 1-800-273-8255
The Chill Project by AHN — Mindfulness Program for Schools

Recent Year Contributions and Activities

$21,000 School Grants for training and education in mental health and suicide prevention

AHN’s Chill Program – $5000 (2023)

$2,500 – Keystone NAMI walk sponsorship (2021)
$2,500 – Keystone NAMI walk sponsorship (2022)

American Foundation of Suicide Prevention Out of Darkness Walks Sponsorships
$2000 – 2021
$2000 – 2022

$1,000 – Pirate Charities First Mental Health Walk – also honored at the evening game for our mission and advocacy to educate and train in mental health and suicide prevention

$10,000 – local scholarships

$3,500 – JDRF – nonprofit charity (2022)

$500 – local food bank donations (2022)

Advocating politicians for change in our mental health system which is continuous.

A peer education group at Burgettstown Middle- High School that the Chuckie Mahoney Memorial Foundation gave $5000 toward funding this program.

About the Foundation

The Chuckie F. Mahoney Memorial Foundation, formed by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mahoney III and family, was established in 2002 as a scholarship foundation in honor of Chuckie F. Mahoney IV, who died from suicide in February of 2002. The mission of the memorial foundation is to communicate that with proper training and education on suicide prevention, and by telling Chuckie’s story, lives can be saved. The Chuckie F. Mahoney Memorial Foundation strives to provide support and give to organizations that promote and advocate for mental health issues and suicide prevention. The National Alliance for Mental Illness and the American Association for Suicide Prevention are among these organizations.

The memorial foundation provides scholarships each year to graduating high school students in Southwestern Pennsylvania for the opportunity to pursue higher education. Today, the Chuckie Mahoney Memorial Foundation has expanded beyond student scholarships and now provides resources, training, and information on depression and suicide prevention for parents, educators, or professionals working with teens and young adults. The Chuckie Mahoney Memorial Foundation continues to pass on the legacy Chuckie left behind through the foundation which continues to give in his name.

Scholarships are given annually to student athletes in two schools, Weir and Burgettstown, that meet qualifications.

Foundation Board of Directors

President – Charles Mahoney
Vice President – Richard Mahoney
Secretary – Molly Held
Treasurer – Pete Rivetti


Dennis Dutton
Barb Graham
Nathan Holmes
Kate Lesnett
Linda Lounder
Jim Tershel
Debi Mahoney
Joseph Mahoney
Lexi Mahoney
John Meyer
Kristi Smydo

Foundation Announces $3,000 Grants for Local High Schools to Support Mental Health Programs

It is our extreme pleasure to announce that the following schools have been chosen to receive a $3,000 grant from the Chuckie F. Mahoney Memorial Foundation. Their applications supporting Mental Health programs for their school districts or Intermediate Unit were varied but they ALL focused on providing support for students and staff during their most trying times.

  • Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit 5
  • Freeport Area School District
  • Fort Cherry School District
  • Connellsville Area School District
  • Central Greene School District
  • Homer-Center School District
  • Jefferson-Morgan School District